Throw the ultimate Friendsgiving!

For all our Friends lovers out there– this one’s for you. We’re offering a Friendsgiving menu featuring a lineup of Thanksgiving foods inspired by the classic holiday episodes of Friends! (Don’t worry, we didn’t put beef in the Trifle.) All items are served family-style in half size aluminum pans for easy re-heating and/or serving. Place your order today for your holiday feast!


Friendsgiving Sides

Half pans: $35 
Green Bean Casserole topped with Funyuns
Chandler’s Loaded Mac n’ Cheese
Ross’s Mom’s Mashed Potato with Lumps
Phoebe’s Mom’s Whipped Potatoes with Peas & Onions
Joey’s Mom’s Tater Tots 


Citrus-Brined Fried Turkey
$60 (feeds 10)


$55 (feeds 18-20) 



We’re also offering family style versions of some more traditional veggies to bring to your holiday celebrations! Each item is served in half size aluminum pans.



Goat Cheese Grits $35
Cabbage $35
Sweet Potatoes $35
Brussel Sprouts $40




Order deadline for Thanksgiving: Sunday, November 24th

Pickup deadline: Wednesday, November 27th by 5pm

To place your order, 601-982-2899 or email [email protected]


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